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Alex Jones Playwright

Welcome to my blog! I am a playwright, actor and director and thought I would like to share my thoughts and opinions about my work, future projects, aspirations and what inspires me to write... and just about 'stuff' too! It's hard to pin me down as regards a style, because I write about very diverse subjects, and although I sometimes write naturalistic drama, I have also written plays with poetic text and more experimental structures. I have written for stage, screen and radio, and a great deal of poetry as well.

A History Of The World In 100 Poems

A response in poetry to the BBC Radio 4 Series, 'A History Of The World In 100 Objects' by the writer, Alex Jones. Not just about each specific object, but also based on the broadcast itself, taking into account the research, ideas and points of view by both Mr Macgregor and the various contributors involved.