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'Wilson'; Film

‘Wilson’, a short film I appeared in, is now available for viewing.
Directed by Karin Heslop for Nirak films, it was shot in a day, in one continuous take, and was somewhat challenging, but great fun to do:
Two teachers spend their time in the gallery to vent their anger towards the younger and more popular teacher Wilson.

Director: Karin Heslop Potts
Writer: Terry Roeche
Producer: Keith Potts
 - CAST -
Boades: Ruth James
Cooper: Alex Jones

‘River’s Up’; Play

My play ‘River’s Up’ is to be produced in February 2022 at the prestigious Teatro Vittoria in Rome with an Italian translation, ‘Effeto Serra’ (Greenhouse Effect).
I am proud to see it in Italy again, where it has proved to be very successful in two previous productions there, and of course given the current state of this fragile planet’s eco-system its subject matter I believe is more important than ever. Climate change is something I have been writing about for many years, and I believe ‘River’s Up’ may have been the first stage play to seriously tackle this subject.
Teatro Vittoria Theatre website: www.teatrovittoria.it/spettacoli/listaeventi/274-effetto-serra.html