English Bloody Rose

Short film, which I also directed.

Greasy Picture

Play Synopsis:

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The worrying trend of cash strapped students turning to the sex industry to fund their studies is the subject of a short film, English Bloody Rose from Warwickshire based Losky Films made through regional screen agency, Screen WM's digishorts scheme. English Bloody Rose is the story of a university student who is forced to take desperate measures to pay her way through her studies, without realising her mother has been doing the same. The truth comes to light when the dark underworld they are embroiled in confronts them head-on. The film, made by Producer Saskia Sutton and writer/director Alex Jones is based around research on female students working in the sex industry carried out by Dr Ron Roberts at Kingston University. His research work showed that the number of students working in the sex industry profession has risen by an alarming 50% over the last few years. In fact, former Big Brother contestant Sam Heuston revealed how she earned £80 a night stripping and pole-dancing at clubs when she was studying marketing at Oxford Brookes University. University tuition fees have risen to over £3,000 a year, and according to NatWest research, a student can expect to graduate with an average debt of £14,779. Students are therefore drawn to the sex industry where they can earn far more money than they can working in a bar or a shop. Dr Ron Robert's research found that students resort to prostitution purely to earn money but it can sometimes be alcohol or mental problems which lead them into stripping and lap dancing.

Alex Jones, Writer / Director of English Bloody Rose said: “I was shocked at the extent of the problem. It is a serious subject and one that deserves our attention - the way our youth are abandoned to a life of debt and worry in order to get a decent degree.

“However, stitched into the very fabric of the film is the real love between a mother and daughter, and also moments or poignant humour as well as the heart-breaking realisation that life can be really cruel sometimes. This short film will bring a timely debate to the way our youth are abandoned to a life of debt and worry in order to get a decent degree, and the stark reality of the devastating effect of drugs and their effect on the family of the user.”

Dr. Ron Roberts, C.Psychol, FRSM from Kingston University said: "An increasing number of students find participation in the sex industry acceptable and understandable, and have a very clear view that participation and increased participation is driven by economic factors"

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