Roger Vivier – Icons Connected Retrospective

To celebrate the flagship store in China – Beijing Yintai dress boutique opening, Roger Vivie will be November 4, 2015 for Roger Vivier – Icons Connected kicked off a retrospective, the exhibition will be on November 4 to 6th in Beijing Yintai Center in01 held November 10 to 15 continue to Beijing SKP. The exhibition brings together since 1963 in a variety of shoes and bags, to show the world the unique charm of the brand spirit: French style, classic design and craftsmanship. Looking at this exhibition will take visitors to the brand’s history, from its inception to the most classic contemporary works, bearing the brand development process in countless shining moment.

Paris luxury accessories brand Roger Vivier Outlet Since its inception it with outstanding artistic heritage and tradition of excellence to become the representative of grace and elegance. Became famous in the 1950’s, the founder of Mr. Roger superb shoe technology and novel design and unique style of combining art and culture, to create a variety of fashionable shoes since, as the shoe Lu poet.


From the 1954 creation of “Stilleto” stiletto, “Sphere” with spherical inner curved design of 1959 to 1963 with the launch of development “Virgule” comma with these familiar names are called fashion a benchmark works , won the favor of the world’s aristocratic ladies around, and even the British Queen Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth II has appointed Mr. Roger making her coronation wore shoes in 1953. His faithful clients include Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly Grace Kelly and more.

Roger Vivier – Icons Connected exhibition has been exhibited in Tokyo and Seoul, attracted many fashionable people go to observe. This year, the exhibition will be on November 4 to 6 in Beijing Yintai Center in01, November 10 to 15 in Beijing SKP have been kicked off, the exhibition layout unique style, using the story in the form of more chapters, enjoy the Roger Vivier legendary history. Opening day, a close friend of many brands will visit the site, the common interpretation of Roger Vivier  Outlet French elegance.

Footwear outside the antique history gallery, with the variety of classic bags will also be on display, such as the brand most celebrity favorite Miss Viv ‘package, all fashion elements are collected on this bag. Creative director Bruno Frisoni Bruno Frisoni re-interpretation of this great classic fashion, add the great historical significance of the buckle. Miss Viv ‘bag also known as “first lady bag”, former French first lady Madame Carla Bruni Sarkozy repeatedly wear Miss Viv’ to attend the French National Leadership Conference. 2015 autumn and winter launched a new Miss Viv ‘package section is based on a continuation of the original design, evolved more practical and elegant style structure, filling the elegant French. As Roger Vivier central figure, creative director Bruno Frisoni Bruno Frisoni Mr. and brand ambassador Ines de la Fressange Ines hot lady will come to China together, share them with Numerous important moment between.


Christian Louboutin shoes patent application for the design

The famous shoe brand Christian Louboutin due in 2011 and YSL That triggered the massacre of “red shoes” has become a hot discussion fashion circles. This still did not stop activist, visible brand seriousness of patent protection, brand said last year has registered a number of trademarks, is committed to protecting include rivet shoes, decorative bow shoes such as patent design.


New super material will become a product designer sports fans. A pair of footwear can be worn often by a redesign, and not worry about waste, or worry about whether it can keep up with the latest trends, demand a complete response on the pitch, future fans will never wear old shoes. “For football fans, this is a change in the development of the rules of the game, in the next three years, the unlimited campaign aims to end the day throw away soccer shoes.

Currently Christian Louboutin Shoes, a plurality of rivets trademark applied for patent protection, including: Azimut leather boots, Monavra 70 rivets shoes, Guerilla boots, Gortik boots, Body Strass crystal decoration shoes, Tassilo flat shoes and so on. adidas expose a customized renewable and zero waste of sporting goods program. adsidas announced unlimited sports program, which will inject new blood sports goods, it will never be thrown away. Instead, football creative designers will be able to use endless stream of 3-D super material constantly rethink the design of their dream products. All sports apparel, including Macy’s soccer shoes, can in no waste, no adhesive process is broken down and then rebuild again into a new product. This provides consumers with ever more personalized space ratio.

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Conversely, every pair of boots not only recycling, but also redesigned the most personalized specifications consumers. “, Gerd Manz, vice president of technology development at adidas.” Following the announcement rapid plant and our collaboration with Parley for the Oceans and unlimited movement is the next step of our innovation and sustainable development commitments. The program will be close to sustainability circulation, creating high-performance products can be recycled. “, Adidas Global Operations Director Glenn Bennett expressed.


In addition to Christian Louboutin Outlet, Jimmy Choo Outlet has 10 consecutive years as brand design patent, Hermes, Celine, Balenciaga and other luxury brands products designed to protect the efforts made have been rewarded professional bodies.

Four FIFA Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi said: I am proud, adidas is working to ensure that all footwear, including my own, is an environmentally friendly way of manufacturing. For me, this is the future of football. Unlimited campaign is led by the European Commission adidas-sponsored research program, bringing together a variety of industry and academic experts formed, combined with old sports products and other industrial surplus materials. Therefore, the future of soccer shoes contain all possible material recovered from the manufacturing of aircraft carbon fiber to reach the World Cup boots are likely to do yarns.

French Romantic Encounter Roger Vivier 2015 Autumn And Christmas Limited Edition Single Product

Snow, colorful feast, accompanied by the sweet silver bells and elk merry pace, the annual romantic Christmas is coming. Roger Vivier this holiday season will launch a special limited edition single Chinese product Ballerine Chips Strass diamond buckle ballet shoes, with champagne and silver gray new spell color reinventing classic build luxury also exquisite Christmas style!


This season’s limited edition Christmas single product continues the Roger Vivier always elegant and refined style, full of classical and romantic satin silver, and champagne will highlight the modern style, mix and match to create a unique effect. Bright ornate water diamond toe buckle with bits and pieces of Christmas decoration echoes Yat move flashing, a flashing bright colors like the Eiffel Tower at night. In winter, against the background of snow, silver and champagne gold collisions on fine satin like the purest love that touch Zhen warm sun, even more elegant and charming atmosphere.

Rendez-Vous inspiration from the autumn and winter series of geometric lines of the 1930s, these art forms design not only taken from the 1930s Parisian architectural lines, but also by the graceful figure of Parisian flappers time, showing even more delicate and extremely Parisian representative. Valuable silk, sexy heels and dazzling oversized satin bow, every detail are fully reflected Weiwei Ya ultimate luxury brand, while vividly convey the spirit of the brand. French style, classic design and craftsmanship .

Christmas season this year will launch a special Christmas special limited edition Papillon de Nuit Pump satin bow heels in mysterious blue and hot red continuation of the classic. Red satin elegant and luxurious at the same time highlighting the great Christmas atmosphere, like Christmas Eve flashing flame, luxury beauty peerless. Blue is the interpretation of the series of sexy, modern, mysterious side. Exaggerated lines of the design to reshape the image of grace and elegance of high heels, giving women a more powerful force.

As Roger Vivier Outlet classic shoes, it combines craftsmanship and luxurious temperament Chips Strass series of highly sought after, whether it is also classic elegant black or white fantasy wedding shoes, exudes charm French style, every detail reflects to diligently pursue to perfection. Roger Vivier 2015 autumn and Christmas Limited single product will be in December in the city of boutique stores, in this winter holiday, let Roger Vivier light up your toes, look at the bright Circulation The French romantic Christmas and you encounter.1111

Knee-high Boots, A Fashion Trend Indicator

Open colorful shoe, choose a pair of shoes for the costume proper shape every day, the ladies launched wonderful start to the day. The advent of the autumn season, also bring a variety show personality Ms. boots.


Stylish knee-high boots, is the fashionable indicators. As close to the skin as if the legs, soft and durable boots are made of leather or suede. Christian Louboutin Outlet this season with ballet-inspired and designed to focus a single product, the relationship between dance and emotional shackles of liberation, lacing on the boots, cross-wound embodied. Christian Louboutin ankle boots cross belt and buttons on the ride, coupled with a type of thick heel, full of rock flavor.

Short-length boots shoe also adds a lot of fun choices. Christian Louboutin and MYSEN soft leather, wear naturally drawn to the whims of sense, create casual beauty. Even the crowd of fashion indicators Kendall Jenner are in Cheap Christian Louboutin  costume jeans or leather pants to show people. Thick heel of boots, including Christian Louboutin UK, HART and MYTH, allow heels to become the perfect match as for everyday clothing. Christian Louboutin pointed boots with slender heel shoes, no not sexy temptation incarnate.

After winter, sister who often complain about cold hands and cold feet, this time one pair of boots just right for you to solve a warm winter can not coexist with trendy awkward questions, the most important is that if you wear the right also can give you a whole body with a finishing touch, make your legs even more slender. Today we have for you identified a gold sister Christian Louboutin Sale and her good girlfriends boots Bible, look at a bunch of built-in flash is sister who is how life by boots become leggy winner! Temperatures plunged, worried layers of clothes is very easy to look bloated? That beauty that you may wish to consider stockings sexy boots plus the United States take, oh. Many black stockings make legs look slender, while in the boots of choice, whether it is full of cool motorcycle boots or high-heeled boots straps are elegantly elongated proportions good helper.

Autumn and winter boots want to increase significantly thin legs but also comfortable to walk is not tired? 3-5 cm thick square heel boots can help you achieve this two wishes! But not tall sister to try to avoid tip design boots lateral stretch will only make your feet as large vessels in general, and for increased use was thin but no eggs.

The young girl in gold leather pants with boots Christian Louboutin Shose, supermodel Gigi prefer with jeans, but she piercing the modern sense of the city girl. Choose the same color shirt and boots can meet the overall coordination visually, it looks neat and the atmosphere. And remember the choice in jeans pant or pantyhose should choose, because in the winter, rolled cuff is really not a wise move, the volume of the N layer trousers only highlights the overall feeling bloated.

2015 new autumn and winter high-heeled shoes with a proposal

High-profile rebel freely emitting – perhaps the best interpretation of Christian Louboutin Sale of the metallic color. Autumn and winter season, metallic high-heeled shoes and accessories exaggerated strength no longer, replaced by a warm, low-key light. More surprising is that, in addition to gold, silver and other “traditional metallic colors,” we also see the silver and black, gold copper, cracks silver, rose gold, colorful metallic color, metallic color gradients waiting …… what, come pick a winter most metallic colors In a single product now! Winter dress always inevitably be black, gray, brown, navy and other “dark color” rule, these so-called “winter classic color” makes him look cold. We found that warm, plush texture and animal textures and other elements that can affect people’s “visual temperature.”



This season, VOGUE featured a balance of 30 “Vision warm” high heels single product, they or a warm soft touch or has a visual pleasant warm. Cold winter days, to see what the new season high heels make us “visual warm.” PAULE KA iconic Swings officially launched a limited customized service packages: customized exclusive series of four colors: khaki, are red, dark blue and brown, limited edition only PAULE Honore in Paris Street, London Street Hill, Brussels and New York KA stores of selling, personalized custom, will store the address and name initials engraved on the package. Each shop is just 20 limited swing package.

There are some classic pattern is timeless. Fall of last year, we are still immersed in a technological sense of strong metal neon tough in texture, over a year, the designers but also with the warmth of refined British-style imagery, intertwined with checkered cloth laminated belong to this season’s play nostalgic warmth. This season, the trend of the Christian Louboutin Outlet high-heeled shoes brand from Hong Kong Pedder Red uphold its unique and innovative design concept, introduced the 2014 autumn and winter series of high-heeled shoes and bags, each self-confident woman toe warm, autumn and winter influx of people lit styling.

Plaid pattern has a long history in European and American fashion circles there is a saying: “Scotland Plaid, equal to a history of the British Empire.” This fall and winter, seemingly simple Pedder Red Plaid is the use of the designer in this big launch The new “CHECKERED” series, the Check this with the slightest idea of ​​highlighting the tranquil and nostalgic, classic Plaid in this season to become the new darling of the bottom was dug out.

New autumn and winter season Pedder Red CHECKERED series bold use of red checkered, clever fusion of the elements into a different type of high heels, all revealed designer heart obscure punk complex. From dazzling heels noble to neutral casual sports shoes, each confident woman can choose the most appropriate footwear, lighting up the autumn and winter fashion mix and match style, the crowd belong to the most attractive Pedder Red.


When people are confused eyes trend, they may stop, understanding the timeless beauty of Christian Louboutin Outlet Uk, as well as carrying the legacy of a sense of history and ethnic elements, this fall and winter brings Pedder Red CHECKERED series will not be because of the passage of time and slipped out of the trend.